This just received in an email from Boy Scouts for Equality:

We learned earlier today that the Boy Scouts of America’s National Executive Committee has voted unanimously to approve a resolution that would end the organization’s decades-old ban on gay adults.

I want to stress two important caveats here:

1) The resolution passed by the Executive Committee explicitly allows for BSA units chartered (ie legally sponsored) by churches to select their own leaders, which means that conservative units will continue to effectively ban gay adults. Progressive faith units and units sponsored by secular organizations will not discriminate.

2) The resolution has to be approved by the full National Executive Board at their meeting on Monday, July 27.

Despite these caveats, today’s announcement is a big deal. If the Boy Scouts of America’s full National Executive Board approves these changes in two weeks (and it would be totally unprecedented for the National Executive Board to overturn a vote by the National Executive Committee) openly gay adults will be able to register with the Boy Scouts of America for the first time in decades. 

Here’s a Washington Post report.