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* HOG COACH BRET BIELEMA GIVES GOOD TWEET: Today was Razorback Coach Bret Bielema’s day to meet media the annual SEC gathering with reporters. Twitterwas full of his comments, notably:


Bret Bielema said beating Texas in a bowl game last season was ‘borderline erotic’.

He also said he had a selfish interest in putting his heavyweight offensive line on the cover of the Hog media guide — a better fit for him. He said he’d rejected recruits on account of their Twitter posts or handles. He’s suspended an unnamed player for academic reasons. He wore some fancy sneaks, Air Force 1s, with his coat and tie. And he was humorous.

Bret Bielema on Spurrier’s jab about Hogs doing cartwheels after going 7-6: “I respect my elders.”