The New York Times here has boiled down
into easy graphic form the financial standings on 2016 presidential candidates as of Wednesday’s federal filings.

The lineup attempts to add direct contributions and contributions to nominally independent super PACs.

By these measures, Hillary Clinton led all candidates in direct contributions. But that was dwarfed by Jeb Bush’s super PAC money. Altogether, Clinton has raised $63 million and Bush $114 million.

Money doesn’t necessarily buy you happiness in either primary. Not the Republican primary, where the coin of the realm appears to be who can say the most outrageous thing about war, abortion, guns, God, gays or similar. And maybe not in the Democratic primary, where numbers crunchers have noted Bernie Sanders’ higher percentage of contributions (and higher cumulative raw dollars) from small contributors. There’s a Bernie boomlet, no doubt, though it’s still hard to see the hard left producing a nomination for him.


Noted: Mike Huckabee, who’s vowed to not let a lack of money deter him this time as it did eight years ago, is well down the list, though ahead of money totals at the same time last go-round. He’s at 9th on the list, with $2 million in direct contributions and $6 million from super PAC money.