John Lyon of the Arkansas News Bureau reports
that the American Cancer Society Action Network has officially confirmed what has long been apparent: Then-employee Jason Brady used their resources and time to campaign for Republican Dennis Milligan in his successful run for state treasurer.

Said spokesman Ray Carson in a statement given to Lyon:

“After conducting a thorough internal review, ACS CAN has determined that certain organizational resources assigned to Mr. Brady, including a computer, email and conference call line, were used in violation of our internal policy regarding personal election activity during Mr. Brady’s previous employment with us.

“The extent and nature of the use of these resources suggest that they were likely misused intentionally. We are satisfied this was an isolated incident. However, in light of this matter we will reinforce our organizational policy with staff.”

Grant Wallace, another Milligan employee, also worked at the Cancer Society lobbying arm and also sent campaign e-mails during his office hours there.

There’s no immediate public implications to this. Brady’s misdeed was against his former private employer, which seems unlikely to seek recompense. (Milligan has said he’d make the organization whole if need be.) The forces preparing a massive ethics complaint against Milligan, his campaign, Brady and various others in the Milligan circle, however, likely will add this to their portfolio. I would expect them to ask the Ethics Commission to find that Brady’s work was an unreported in-kind donation to Milligan’s campaign. Which it would appear to be.


Lyon couldn’t get a comment from Brady, who reportedly has received a pay raise since joining Miligan’s beleaguered operation. The toll is mounting in legal fees and settlements for Milligan’s conduct of his previous public office as Saline circuit clerk and state treasurer. He and his chief of staff Jim Harris, who also got a nice pay raise July 1, are currently defending against a defamation lawsuit by a former campaign supporter and office worker. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette editorial page, rarely unfriendly to Republicans, has called for Milligan’s resignation. Not me. Too much entertainment.