If you missed it, here’s a clip of the launch of the USS Little Rock. If you’re a glutton for military ceremony, the Defense Department link will give you the entire hour-long event, including speeches and champagne bottle breaking.

On other warlike topics:


* DONALD TRUMP BLOWS UP HIS CAMPAIGN: The sigh of relief you heard today was Arkansas Republican Party Chair Doyle Webb after hearing Donald Trump — Doyle Webb’s money-raising headliner in Hot Springs last night — torpedo his campaign with a stupid remark about U.S. Sen. John McCain. What if he had said this yesterday morning, pre-Trumpfest in the Spa? Said Trump in Iowa:

McCain “is a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” The comment drew some boos from the audience.

Trump also called McCain a “dummy” for his low rank in his Naval Academy class.


The reaction was fast and furious, from the top of the Republican Party on down. Only Sen. Ted Cruz stopped short of denouncing Trump, though Cruz did say he believed McCain a hero. Trump tried to amend his remarks, but I’d say it was too little too late. Too bad. I’d really hoped Trump would gain a little more traction before imploding.

Imagine — imagine! — if a Democrat had said such a thing?


* ARMING UP IN ARKANSAS — NOT SO FAST: Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s orderFriday  to arm full-time Arkansas National Guard personnel (there are some 600 at roughly 60 armories and Camp Robinson) required the National Guard to calm the troops. No, it doesn’t mean the state’s armed force is going to let everybody pack heat. You’d have thought so, given the gun nutters’ cheer for Hutchinson’s statement. Clarified the National Guard (emphasis supplied):

AR NG Privately Owned Weapons Policy Has Not Changed

The statement put out Friday by Governor Hutchinson authorizes Maj. Gen. Berry, the Adjutant General, to arm full-time personnel as TAG deems necessary. This is not a blanket authorization for any National Guardsman to carry military or privately owned weapons and should not be taken to mean that. Plans are being put in place and will be communicated through normal command channels. All policies on the carry of privately owned weapons are still in place.

The Arkansas National Guard is always concerned about the safety and security of our personnel, property and facilities. We will take measures to ensure that safety. The Adjutant General will communicate that plan through our commanders. Instructions will not be passed through Facebook or the media.

Wonder how Rep. Nate Bell and some of the other nutters will react. Bell and his like are busily declaring they don’t patronize places like Uber and many retailers who prohibit guns. If everyone may not carry a gun, no one may carry a gun. Hasn’t the Arkansas National Guard heard of the 2nd Amendment? 

In all seriousness: Hutchinson’s statement yesterday should have been clearer at the outset. His failure to make it clear he was merely calling for more security at state military facilities made the statement look like injudicious  politicizing of a national tragedy.

Meanwhile, a fifth serviceman has died from wounds in the attack on a Chattanooga military center.


Someday, someone will give some thought to the futility of believing more guns in more places will discourage asymmetric force. There is simply no universal solution to prevent carnage by a lone terrorist with a semi-automatic rifle and a large magazine. I do believe the solutions include more than the simple notion of arming more of America more of the time.