The attorney general’s office has twice more rejected proposals by Robert Reed for the form of a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana. Today, too, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge rejected the form of a proposal to repeal Amendment 94, the vehicle by which state officials just got fat pay raises and legislators got a loosening of term limits.

The Amendment 94 repealer said no more than that: It would repeal Amendment 94. That’s not enough, Rutledge said. It needs to say it is a constitutional amendment and summarize the important aspects of the proposal. On that front, a national term limits organization has been meeting on a separate idea to specifically reinstitute shorter term limits. Here’s the Restore Term Limits page.


HYPOCRISY ALERT: I’ve long opposed term limits, viewing elections as the sort of term limits authors of our founding documents envisioned. I confess — now that I live in Darkansas — that I see where the Republicans were coming from all those years when they wanted  term limits to throw the Democratic rascals out wholesale. You’ll note that many Republicans have been leaders in the effort to lengthen time in office — and raise pay — now that THEY are the majority.