For Fayetteville, the group working for voter approval of a Fayetteville civil rights ordinance in September, says it will announce Thursday the support of 260 local businesses for the proposition, which extends protection for sexual orientation and gender along with several other categories.

Said the group:

In the last two weeks, 260 Fayetteville business owners have signed a pledge that reads, “[Business name] is an Equality Business. We do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. We embrace diversity and inclusion. We respect all of our customers and employees no matter their identity or beliefs because this is our community. We are for Fayetteville. We support the passage of the Uniform Civil Rights Protection Ordinance on September 8, 2015.”

Once signed, the pledge cards are displayed on a wall in the For Fayetteville office. Many businesses also display a campaign logo sticker on their premises. The campaign expects to announce more pledges by the time of the press conference and will continue to work to build more support from the business community throughout the election.

So-called conservative “Christians” are also working to organize voters to express their support for continued legal discrimination in housing, employment and public services, in keeping with the biblical injunction to comfort  all except the gays. Faux historian David Barton has again enlisted in the battle against the Sodomites, if that’s any comfort.