Here’s your Wednesday open line and today’s news headline roundup. Also:

* BILL CLINTON, EULOGIST: Bill Clinton was in Little Rock today to deliver the eulogy at the funeral of Susan Turner Purvis, a fellow Hope native and wife of another Clinton friend from Hope, Little Rock lawyer Joe Purvis. We wrote earlier this week about Susan’s death. Just retired as an art teacher at Gibbs Magnet Elementary,she suffered a stroke on a return trip from an arts conference in New Mexico. 

* TARGETING PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Sens. John Boozman and Tom Cotton have issued a joint statement joining the mob requesting investigations of Planned Parenthood over doctored videos by an undercover anti-abortion activist. The senators seem to accept as fact what Planned Parenthood denies — that it sells fetal remains for a profit. It does provide fetal tissue and organs for medical use as the law allows, a sometimes life-saving process, it’s worth noting. The goal of the investigation is to end federal funding for all the non-abortion activities Planned Parenthood provides and to once again make abortion front and center in presidential politics. Let’s have an honest review. It’s important to reassure the majority  who favor the availability of legal abortion (a procedure sometimes meaning pills taken hours after intercourse) and who support the many important services that Planned Parenthood provides that can prevent the need for abortions.

* RAZORBACKS SUSPENDED: The University of Arkansas announced that three basketball players had been suspended indefinitely — Jacorey Williams, Anton Beard and Dustin Thomas — following forgery arrests.TV stations are reporting they are accused of passing counterfeit bills and that they told police they didn’t know the bills were counterfeit.