TV 40/29 reports that the Arkansas Democratic Party is considering following other state Democratic Party organizations and finding a new name for the annual Jefferson-Jackson Day fund-raising dinner at which Hillary Clinton recently spoke.

The article quotes Candace Martin of the state party and says Chair Vince Insalaco supports the idea:


“It is our history, but it’s not reflective of where the party is now,” Martin said.

“The party stands for many of the values the men represent, but they no longer stand for many of the other values they did,” she told 40/29 News.

Martin said the party has discussed possible future names, but isn’t ready to release them to the public. She said the name change is still in the discussion stage, and it’s not ready for a vote.

The name honors two former presidents — Thomas Jefferson, who was a slave owner, and Andrew Jackson, a proponent of Indian removal.

What do you bet that Republicans who’ve criticized the Democratic Party for continuing to use the name for the dinner will criticize Democrats for political correctness when the change is made? Change the name by all means. But what will we do about the memorial in Washington?


In Arkansas, the Republican Party annual dinner honors Ronald Reagan, a former union leader who avoided overseas service in World War II (he made movies) and whose support of several tax increases finally righted a difficult U.S. financial situation, and a governor, Winthrop Rockefeller, who opposed the death penalty and passed out vast sums of street money to encourage black votes. Rockefeller money also powered Planned Parenthood for many years. They ought to add Strom Thurmond, too, a Democrat who saw where the new Republican Party was heading and got on board. But he had good relations with black people as well.