You’ll find additional information about Arkansas Supreme Court dickering on the same-sex marriage case in my column this week. It also delves into the administrative takeover of the Supreme Court by four justices and the unholy ties of Justice Rhonda Wood to both the behind-the-scenes legal dickering and unsavory outside financial influence.

Key point: A court that voted 6-1 to overturn the state marriage ban in 2014, with Justice Courtney Goodson on the opinion, was prepared in 2015 to uphold the ban on state constitutional grounds had the U.S. Supreme Court not ruled for marriage equality. Goodson would have again written the controlling opinion. The Arkansas court took a dive and dumped the case after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled.


Don’t know if the discredited political bagman Gilbert Baker influenced Justice Rhonda Wood’s thinking on this one, but you have to wonder, given his strong role in putting her in office with loot from nursing home owner Michael Morton. Yes, that Michael Morton.