KATV last night and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this morning reported another clown car sighting.

I refer to the Arkansas state treasurer’s office, a comic cavalcade since Republican Dennis Milligan took office.

Summary: Somebody made a fake shooting report to the Benton police about the home of Milligan’s executive assistant Holly Beaver. That prompted Milligan’s chief of staff, Jim Harris, to call the Bryant police chief a few days later to say he was leaving town and to watch out for somebody pulling a similar prank on him. He said he suspected the prankster was a fired employee of the treasurer’s office. A fired employee, David Singer, says Harris further defamed him by this suggestion and he wants this incident added to a pending defamation lawsuit. Harris’ lawyer said he was just being prudent.

No need to run through the epic list of campaign skulduggery, hiring of unqualified people. windfall pay raises, cheesy publicity stunts and other elements of the Milligan reign of error. A sigh of regret is in order. His GOP primary opponent, Duncan Baird, is doing a fine  job as the governor’s budget director. The Democratic candidate beaten by Milligan, Karen Garcia, would have continued her impeccable work as a corporate accountant had she been elected.

But no. The voters of Arkansas were won over by Dennis Milligan’s vow to — wait for it — fight Barack Obama.

What we got was a mess of trash. It doesn’t speak well for Arkansas voters.