Here’s the open line. Also the video news roundup. Also:

* TOM COTTON: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY: U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton got mocked as an Austin Powers-style figure for claiming he’d gone to Vienna to uncover secret side deals on the Iranian nuclear agreement. The White House says the deals the “international many of mystery” uncovered were so secret you can look at them on the web. Cotton claims he’s got more. But the occasion reminds of some of Cotton’s other fits of extremism. If only Tom Cotton were funny like Austin Powers.

* DEMOCRATIC PARTY BLASTS REPUBLICANS ON INSURANCE CANCELLATION: Democratic Party Chair Vince Insalaco today blasted the state policy — encouraged by Sen. Bryan King and upheld by Gov. Asa Hutchinson — to drop people from Medicaid coverage under the private option if they don’t respond to a request for information about income eligibility in 10 days.

“Earlier this week, I was shocked to read the astonishing display of hypocrisy from Senator Bryan King, who receives taxpayer-sponsored healthcare benefits as a state employee, but does not think that working families in Arkansas deserve accessible health care. Where is the moral and faith-based outrage?

‘Now, today I read that Senator King’s actions in handling the reauthorization of Medicaid could result in 50,000 Arkansans losing their health insurance who were previously covered under the Private Option. Recipients are only given ten days to respond to the verification request. Even health insurance companies provide a longer grace period.”