Arkansas Children’s Hospital is in the process of opening a Northwest Arkansas hospital, several sources, including doctors, tell the Arkansas Times. I’ve left a message with hospital spokesman Dan McFadden for confirmation and details. 

According to sources, land for the hospital was donated by George’s Inc., a poultry company in Springdale. I’ve also left a message with George’s. ACH already operates a clinic in Lowell. Some at ACH have speculated that staff reductions at Children’s are budgetary moves; ACH has declined to discuss staffing changes. 

I’ll be back with more details if phone calls are returned. 

It seems likely the new hospital will be a satellite, not a duplication of the Little Rock hospital in every respect, particularly some of the most sophisticated treatment. The new hospital, for example, likely wouldn’t include the same level of heart surgery and neurosurgery undertaken at Children’s in Little Rock.