Fox News will decide the 10 debaters for its Aug. 6 Republican based on an average of national polls as of 5 p.m. today. Various are analyzing what that means, including the New York Times.

It puts the 10 in the race as shown above, with our former boy Mike Huckabee tied with Ben Carson for fourth with 6.2% support, just a whisker ahead of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ron Paul. All fall far beyond Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.

Let’s see: Huckabee has compared an effort to have nuclear peace with the Holocaust; he’d send in federal troops to keep a woman from getting a morning-after pill following a rape; he’s compared homosexuality with bestiality and said HIV sufferers should be quarantined; he doesn’t believe in evolution or man-made climate change. What next for an attention-getter? In this crowd, he’ll have fierce competition.