Former Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, the longtime liberal lawmaker who remains an iconic figure in his home state, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in a column posted to the Des Moines Register website late last night. 

It hasn’t been the best polling week for Democratic front runner, and the coming release of emails from the private account she used while Secretary of State will surely generate some awkward headlines. Still, it’s worth keeping in mind that she retains massive advantages in terms of fundraising and institutional support in the party, and she remains broadly popular among Democratic primary voters. There will be enough drama to make for some good copy over the next six months, but she is almost certainly going to be the nominee. 


From Harkin’s letter: 

I have had the privilege of knowing Hillary Clinton for a long time. She and I share many of the same deeply-held beliefs. We believe everyone should be able to find well-paying jobs, that every child should receive the best education possible, that the elderly should be able to retire with dignity and security, and that everyone should have access to quality and affordable healthcare. From ensuring universal access to pre-kindergarten to building a clean-energy economy, a common thread runs through all of these plans — the idea of expanding opportunity.