Mike Huckabee, the Florida resident whose faltering presidential campaign includes poll numbers showing him trailing Donald Trump among evangelicals and in Arkansas, is looking for love in his former home state today.

He’s scheduled a fund-raiser in Little Rock to coincide with his 60th birthday. (Is there any occasion that Huckabee can’t turn into a plea for loot? Remember the house-warming registry for when he left the Mansion?) He also, other media report, has a “media event” scheduled for 5 p.m. I’ve asked campaign spokesman Alice Stewart if the Arkansas Times will be barred, as is customary with the Huckabee campaign. No response so far.

PS: Martin Luther King III says, politely, that he is “perplexed” by Huckabee’s recent comments that his father, the slain civil rights leader, would be “appalled” by the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I think dad would be very proud of young people standing up to promote truth, justice and equality,” King said during an interview on SiriusXM radio. “I was perplexed by the comments, but people attempt to use dad for everything.”