Here’s a plug for last night’s first Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame induction, a happening produced by a combination of Arkansas Business Publishing Group and the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce.

I’m apple polishing a bit here by adding a word of additional credit to Arkansas Business’ boss, Olivia Farrell, who hired me years ago at the Times. She’s a driving force in this and other efforts to lift women in Arkansas. The Arkansas Women’s Foundation, which encourages development of women, is an earlier product of her efforts along with the still-needed frequent reminders in print about the disproportionality of women in corporate boards, CEO offices and public life.


Here’s the Arkansas Business report on last night’s event.

And here’s an opinion piece by a local businesswoman on those honored. Erica Swallow notes the scarcity of women in other Arkansas halls of fame.


My Women’s Hall of Fame is full of CEO material: Grandmother Lily, a public school teacher and small businesswoman; Grandmother Mabel, a registered nurse; Mother Betty, who gave up dietetics to partner with my dad in a brokerage office; Mother-in-law Martha, a career educator; wife Ellen, a lawyer; daughter Martha, a financial whiz who works in philanthropy. May their kind increase.