KARK, in new reporting on a judicial discipline investigation of Cross County District Judge Joseph Boeckmann, says the investigation includes whether the judge used defendants in his court given community service sentences as laborers on his farm.

We reported Thursday that the state Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission confirmed an investigation of the judge and said information it had produced had been referred to prosecutors for review. But the Commission wouldn’t provide details beyond saying the matter related to personal use of community service defendants.


KARK also ran into numerous stonewalls in attempting to learn more about the allegations. A gag order issued by Circuit Judge Chris Morledge prevented the State Police from talking about the case. Boeckmann appeared briefly in the report, but wouldn’t comment except to say the truth would come out eventually.

David Sachar, executive director of the Judicial Discipline body, issued this statement:


The JDDC is a aware of allegations involving Judge Joseph Boeckmann allowing certain defendants to do personal work for the judge in lieu of fines or community service. This agency opened an investigation several months ago on these and other allegations and it is still on going. Pursuant to JDDC Rule 7 (C)(7) we turned over any possible criminal allegations to the appropriate authorities. At this time all allegations are unproven, the judge has full due process rights and denies the allegations. No additional public information is available at this time.