The agenda for Tuesday’s Little Rock Board of Directors meetings includes a discussion on proposed traffic changes planned for Hinson Road and Pebble Beach Drive.

The city had planned a traffic light there and narrowing of Hinson from four lanes to three and bike lanes for traffic calming on a thoroughfare marked by high speeds. City Director Lance Hines backs the plan, put forward by residents. There is backlash from those who prefer the speedway and that has put other directors on the side of scrapping the plan.

I look forward to Director Irma Hendrix’s participation. She’s not been happy about traffic changes in her part of town that increased provisions for bike lanes and similarly slowed the average speed on some major arteries such as West 12th Street. What’s good for the East End is good for the West End, we could imagine Director Hendrix commenting.

Directors Brad Cazort and Gene Fortson want to kill the project. Director Joan Adcock scheduled Tuesday’s discussion by the board. Public comment won’t be taken, but it will be taken Sept. 15.