Here’s an open line. I’m going to cook some chicken.

But I guess I should link to some of the coverage the flagging presidential campaign of Mike Huckabee has garnered by his over-the-top defense of Kim Davis, who believe she may use her public office to impose her religion on others against order of the U.S. Supreme Court.


There’s no comparison to denying an interracial marriage because that didn’t change the fundamental concept of marriage. Some religious people in the South certainly thought it did until the U.S. Supreme Court came along, not to mention segregation itself in every facet of life.

Kim Davis being jailed for contempt by a conservative Republican judge doesn’t strike me as being up there with Dred Scott, but the Huckster has to do something about running 10th in the latest polling on Iowa, which was supposed to be his firewall because of the rightwing religious vote to which he’s now pandering.


Who’s a tyrant? Not the judge, I’d say, but those trying to make their brand of religion national law. When the Muslims do it, though don’t like it much. But I guess that’s not the natural order of things.