It’s election day in Fayetteville on a city civil rights ordinance that includes — to the displeasure of some — protections for LGBT people against discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation.

A broader ordinance was defeated by voters in a referendum last year, 52-48. The business establishment, which opposed that measure, is on board now. Early voting is reported to be heavy — on a par with a general election. Is that a sign of strong outreach by the For Fayetteville coalition that supports the ordinance? Or a measure of the intensive work by conservative evangelical churches that want to retain the ability to legally discriminate against gay people.

Missing in action this go-round have been public testimony and spending by the Duggar family, which more or less said protections for gay people would be the ruination of all that’s moral in Northwest Arkansas. They’ve been occupied by other matters.

Polls close at 7:30 p.m.