Talking Points Memo has published a deep investigative reporting
project by Sarah Posner on the ultra-conservative ministry founded by the now-disgraced Bill Gothard, whose offshots include the Institute for Basic Life Principles at the former VA hospital in Little Rock, the place where Josh Duggar was sent for rehabilitation of his wayward ways.

Gothard’s sordid past, the dubious practices of his operations and the Little Rock facility’s role are not news. But the detail is unparalleled and, at times, disturbing. A Gothard adherent who operates a facility in Arkansas, for example, excuses Josh Duggar’s molesting of family and a friend as “natural curiosity” and a “stupid thing” a boy did. The girls aren’t bitter, the Gothard defender said. Putting women in menial and subservient roles and sexual harassing them is a frequent theme in the “ministry.”


The Duggars promoted Duggar ministries and he profited from their fame on reality TV. Exposes of Gotthard have contributed to a decline in revenues, the article indicates. Fascinating if you have the time.