Here’s the open line, news video and a couple of other items.

* BLAZING SPEED AT THE AIRPORT: The Clinton National Airport distributed a brag news release today that it offers the fastest Internet speed of any airport in the country. It reaches 60 megabits per second, much faster than the speed claimed by an Ohio airport claiming the title. They’ll get no quarrels from me. It’s fast. And it’s free. And the hookup is instantaneous, unlike the rigamarole you have to fight in some airports.


* DOUBLE DIPPING SENATORS: A lot of people scratched their heads today when they saw the Senate Judiciary Committee had scheduled a meeting today at Ecclesia College in Springdale. Didn’t the committee have a regular meeting yesterday at the Washington County Courthouse? Wasn’t that meeting arranged — conveniently in advance of a Razorback football weekend — so that Sen. Jon Woods could get members up close and personal to the Springdale Chamber of Commerce? They’re one of the prime beneficiaries of a constitutional amendment Woods has proposed to legalize taxpayer subsidies of chambers of commerce, struck down in a recent court ruling. Yes and yes. So why another meeting today, at which only a scant amount of business was discussed, but the agenda included remarks from officials of Ecclesia, a Christian college with an enrollment of about 200, according to Internet sources.

Chairman Jeremy Hutchinson said the meeting today was scheduled at the request of Vice Chair Sen. Linda-Collins Smith. I’ve sent a query asking why? After all, this second meeting provided another day of per diem for senators to double up business that could have been done in a day. No response, as is typical for her. She’s another Tea Party Republican who likes to talk about government waste. If you see her, ask her.


The college is apparently interested in participating in some post-release programs that are to be a part of the governor’s correction reform agenda.