Here’s the Sunday open line. And fallout from the Razorbacks’ loss yesterday to TexasTech.

EVERYBODY is sending links to stories about the putdown Tech’s coach Kliff Kingsbury put on Hog coach Bret Bielema after the game.


Popular as Bielema has been in Arkansas — at least until the last two weeks — his unvarnished ways haven’t made him friends among other coaches. And they are happy to let that be known.

Even before the game, Bielema had come under fire in Grantland.


In the clip, Kingsbury said it felt good to be part of Bielema having his ass kicked two weeks in a row and predicted more bad news next week for the Hogs.




* FREEDOM OF RELIGION: Ben Carson gives you an idea of the kind of religious freedom some people want when they talk about freedom — freedom to discriminate against minorities. He said a Muslim shouldn’t be president. So much for prohibitions on religious tests for public office. Sadly, Carson has majority support on this, polls indicate.