It’s a slow morning, so I’ll give a little space to a straw poll reported to me.

This is a narrow slice of the electorate — 31 women who attended the September meeting of the Pulaski County Republican Women. They were asked to vote in order for their top three choices for president.



Ben Carson topped the voting — the top choice of 12, second choice of six and third choice of 3.


Ted Cruz — 2-8-1

John Kasich — 2-1-7


Donald Trump — 6-2

Carly Fiorina — 1-6-5

Marco Rubio 3-1-4.

Also rans included:


Jeb Bush, who got ZERO votes as a top three choice. Former hometowner Mike Huckabee got 1 vote as a top pick and two as a second pick, barely on a par with the now-departed Scott Walker at 1-1-2. (this group apparently didn’t get the message that GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson moved up the Arkansas primary to March to help Huckabee.) 

A couple of the women couldn’t decide on any of the field. Which might be the most telling.

Maybe they were just addled by guest speaker Bill Vickery.