ABC News reports a bit of additional news from the fund-raiser held Monday night at Kaki Hockersmith’s Edgehill home for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Clinton posted an Instagram photo of one of the party attendees, Marquis Boston, a telephone switchboard operator for the Marriott downtown.


Boston was a special guest at the $2,700-per-person party and, like others, got a photo made with the candidate. ABC had reported earlier about Boston’s contribution of $1,000 to Clinton. He’d scrimped and saved from two jobs — at the hotel and as a bill collector — to make an early four-figure donation to the campaign. He’d encountered Clinton when she was a hotel guest last sumer. ABC reported then:

When ABC News caught up with him on a recent nightshift, he explained that he was born and raised in Little Rock, is a longtime Democrat and believes that making a financial contribution was the best way to support Clinton. (He also contributed to President Obama’s campaign during the 2012 election cycle by saving up).

This time, Boston said he’s “saying some prayers” for Clinton and hoping she’s the one who “makes it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

He said he sees his donation as a small way to give back.

“I went without some things that I would have liked to have, but I just felt like she needed it more than I did,” Boston said, “And I didn’t mind sacrificing to give it to her.”

He got an invitation to Monday’s event as a result. Guests could enjoy catering by Trio’s and got a 15-minute talk from the candidate, as well as posing for photos. From today’s ABC account:


Following the fundraiser, Boston told ABC News about the moment he met Clinton, who, he said, recognized him immediately.

“I went to shake her hand and started to say ‘Secretary Clinton’ and she just yelled out ‘Marquis!’ he said.

Clinton then thanked Boston for his donation and told him how his story made her “smile.”

“I told her that when things get hard on the campaign trail, she should always think about that story to remind her that there are people out there supporting her and cheering for her,” Boston said.