Pope Francis
is on a roll. From CNN:

In a historic speech to the U.S. Congress, Pope Francis fundamentally rearranged the political priorities for American Catholics in public life.

Abortion and same-sex marriage received scant mentions in the Pope’s short address. Instead Francis — the first pontiff to address Congress and the first from Latin America — focused on immigration, the death penalty, racial injustice, the weapons trade, and poverty.

He apparently didn’t crib from the GOP message book for this one. The correct message is anti-immigrant, pro-death penalty, post-racial, more weapons and if you’re poor it’s your own damn fault.


Yes, he supported protection of life from conception, but included a call to global abolition of the death penalty.

He also spoke of protection of natural resources, an aim generally requiring government regulation. And you know how the GOP majority feels about THAT.


I have been struck, as several cable commentators were last night, about the scarce mention of women — whether in society generally or in their roles in the church.