Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in an essay in the National Catholic Reporter, praises Pope Francis’ remarks on stewardship of the earth and climate change. Excerpt:

We’ve made progress in cleaning our air over the last 40 years. Now we must do more to protect our poorest and most vulnerable citizens — including the elderly, children and communities of color — from the worst health effects of climate change.

But in spite of the strongest possible scientific consensus about what climate change means for our environment, economy, health, and future, there are still some who deny the facts. They’re intent on obstructing progress.

We can’t let them win this fight. We have no choice. There is no Planet B.

The pope told UN delegates today that environmental degradation threatens human existence. The guy clearly needs to listen more to Rush Limbaugh and the Arkansas legislative majority. What this world needs is some more coal-burning power plants.

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