As Max mentioned yesterday, the polls indicate Mike Huckabee’s presidential aspirations are sagging further as he fails to distinguish himself in a GOP field crowded with more entertaining prospects.

Sounds like Huckabee isn’t quitting anytime soon, though: Talk Business reports this morning that he’s announced leadership teams in four Southern states with “SEC primaries” on March 1 of next year, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. (He’d announced teams in Iowa and South Carolina in August.)

The Arkansas list of Republican notables includes four out of the state’s six-member congressional delegation. Prominently missing are U.S. Senator Tom Cotton and 3rd District Rep. Steve Womack. Some neoconservatives and a few Arkansas Republicans are urging Cotton to run for the White House himself.

Huckabee managed to secure the endorsement of a single U.S. congressman in each of the other three states, as well as Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue.