Pulaski County Clerk Larry Crane said today that around 800 voters downtown received incorrect Voter I.D. cards in the mail earlier this month, but that corrected cards were sent out bulk mail last Tuesday.

Downtown resident Kathy Wells, who lives at 2121 Gaines St., complained twice to the clerk’s office after receiving a card that showed a change in her polling place, her Senate district and her Quorum Court district. The card showed her in JP district 6 9 rather than 9 6 and her Senate 30 34 rather than 34 30. There has been no redistricting since 2012, she noted.

Crane said state law required the county to reduce its precincts to below 3,000 affected 20,000 voters, and that only a small portion precinct part was misidentified. The glitch affected the listing of only JP and Senate districts, but, he noted, there are no upcoming elections in either of those. “No one should be concerned,” Crane said.

Crane said he did not know whether Wells’ card was correct or incorrect on her polling place; it may now be different.