Re the Democratic presidential debate on CNN last night:

There’s general agreement by commentators the morning after that Hillary won (the wonder, said Nate Silver, was that anyone expected different) A man among boys, said a Washington Post columnist. “Commanding” said an analysis in the unfriendly NY Times. More warm reviews from even some strident critics here.


My own take was that the Democratic Party won. Mature adults talked knowledgeably and sometimes specifically about a wide range of important topics. No climate deniers. No Kim Davis. No buffoonery. They competed to be most hated by the NRA. It was boring, more than one Republican Tweeted last night. Yes, real governance can be. See Lincoln Chafee, whose record, if not his charisma, is hard to fault.

The mainstream media will take us back quickly to e-mail, no matter how tired Bernie Sanders and, clearly, the Democratic debate audience, are of the damn things.


I thought the chart compiled by Newsweek below was useful.

Debate transcript here.

I stayed even for Martin O’Malley’s (oops got that first name wrong originally) closing and was glad I did:


On this stage — on this stage, you didn’t hear anyone denigrate women, you didn’t hear anyone make racist comments about new American immigrants, you didn’t hear anyone speak ill of another American because of their religious belief.

What you heard instead on this stage tonight was an honest search for the answers that will move our country forward, to move us to a 100 percent clean electric energy grid by 2050, to take the actions that we have always taken as Americans so that we can actually attack injustice in our country, employ more of our people, rebuild our cities and towns, educate our children at higher and better levels, and include more of our people in the economic, social, and political life of our country.

I truly believe that we are standing on the threshold of a new era of American progress. Unless you’ve become discouraged about our gridlock in Congress, talk to our young people under 30, because you’ll never find among them people that want to bash immigrants or people that want to deny rights to gay couples.