Mike Huckabee’s exaggeration-prone, struggling presidential campaign lags in money as well as in the polls.

Huckabee, who ranks 7th in the Real Clear Politics polling average with 2.8 percent support, just a tick ahead of Rand Paul’s 2.7, finished well down the list in Politico’s ranking of latest quarterly campaign finance reports. He was reported to have raised $1.24 million in the last quarter (down from $2 million in the first quarter). He spent $1.36 million and has $761,000 cash on hand, with about $130,00 in debt. That total raised put him 10th in the list of Republican contenders.


What he lacks in cash he’s making up daily in hyperbole.

Think I exaggerate. Here’s how Wonkette summed him up today (within links in their post to all the references):


Mike Huckabee has not met an immoral, racist, homophobic, disgusting opinion he doesn’t at least SOMEWHAT agree with. Hell, let’s do this rapid fire: Syrian refugees are probably just whiners who want America’s sweet, sweet Comcast; if the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage counts, then Dred Scott must still be in effect, so have fun being “not citizens,” The Blacks; Josh Duggar is a good man; Asian people eat dogs, LOL!; Kim Davis is an American hero for hating faggots the best; it’s super sad how that little 10-year-old Paraguayan girl got raped, but she should still have to bear her rapist’s baby from her child uterus; Beyoncé is a whore. And so on! So would anybody be surprised if Huckabee, for serious, thought slavery was a pretty cool idea we should bring back? Let’s take a gander at a conversation Huck had with insane wingnut radio host Jan Mickelson:

As if that wasn’t enough, they wacked him again