Mike Huckabee
is getting put out by people who say his presidential campaign is on life support.  From The Hill:

“People who say that sit in their little buildings in Washington,” Huckabee said on “Fox and Friends” Monday morning. “If they want to look at a campaign, come to Iowa.

“Every event we had last week had overflow crowds. We had people we couldn’t get in the room,” he added. “It incenses me when people who have no idea what a campaign is about pretend that ‘Huckabee’s campaign is on life support.’ ”

It’s all about Religious Right Republican Iowa, where Huckabee rose to prominence eight years ago. There’s competition for the righty church crowd this go-round, however. Evidence: Ted Cruz and Ben Carson putting Huckster in the shade at a right-wing evangelical presidential pep rally in Texas over the weekend.