40/29 TV brings news that the Elkins Police Department has filed charges against the Cedarville High football coach after a ruckus at the Elkins-Cedarville game last Friday.

Kevin Lea, 36, was charged with inciting a riot, failure to disperse, harassment, obstructing governmental operations and endangering welfare of a minor.


Anyone got film?

Sounds like the sort of stacking of charges sometimes issued for driving while black in certain southern cities.


Said the Elkins police Facebook page:

“The Elkins Police Department has concluded their investigation concerning the incident that occurred on October 16 about the disturbance on the Elkins football field during the game on Friday night. We believe Coach Lea’s behaviors and failure to comply with directions from both law enforcement and game officials resulted in creating an unsafe and potentially dangerous environment.”

Elkins beat Cedarville 16-6.


More details in NWA D-G report. Refs broke up a fight among players, but, according to the account, Lea wouldn’t leave the field and yelled and swung his arms. According to one account, he made a racial slur at the Elkins coach and his players shoved and taunted a police officer trying to restore order. Another officer said he suffered a “busted lip.” 

In answer to multiple questions: Yes, he’s state Auditor Andrea Lea’s son.