Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has joined another lawsuit against federal efforts to promote a cleaner environment.

She announced Arkansas would join 23 other states in a suit challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. They contend the EPA has no authority to issue or enforce the rule.

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“I have expressed my concerns over this rule since February, even testifying in front of a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee, and urged the EPA to withdraw the rule,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “The EPA is going far beyond its legal authority under the Clean Air Act. This unlawful rule will have serious and significant consequences. In a State like Arkansas where over half of the electricity is responsibly generated from coal-fired power plants, the impact will be felt in the pocketbooks of Arkansas utility ratepayers. These increased costs will have a direct impact on the State’s ability to grow good-paying jobs with fair, reasonable electric rates. Like all Arkansans, I favor clean air. But I do not favor heavy-handed and unlawful regulations from Washington that will hurt Arkansans.”

States have been submitting plans to comply with the rule. All but two of the states fighting the rule are Republican-led.

Supporters of the rule say it will cut carbon emissions and this address man-made contribution to climate change. They also say a change from coal will encourage clean-energy jobs. Natural gas is abundant and cheap currently.