Here’s a news release from Curtis Coleman, who’s challenging incumbent Republican Sen. John Boozman in the primary and who’ll have to improve his last outing by 45 percentage points or so to be a contender.

Seems a long-shot. Seems far-fetched to call John Boozman an Obama enabler. But he’s hired a guy who was  campaign manager for Dave Brat, who upset Rep. Eric Cantor in 2014. (That CBS link mentions the criticism he endured then, as illustrated in illustration with the piece above.)


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR. In a statement to the media today, businessman and conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Curtis Coleman announced his first hiring, Zachary Werrell, who is credited as having engineered the historic upset of former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia. Werrell will be serving in the capacity of Senior Advisor to the Coleman Campaign.

“Zachary Werrell’s addition to our campaign shows my commitment to winning and the importance of this race to the future of our Country. We cannot afford to send an incumbent Senator back to Washington who consistently votes with Barack Obama and the Washington, DC establishment to put our country on a path to a financial Armageddon. Zachary has already injected a new level of energy and organization into our broad grassroots support,” Coleman said.

“I’m excited to be a part of this campaign because, when you look at it, John Boozman’s voting record it’s not too different from former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s. Senator Boozman has been in Washington, DC, since I was in Middle School. Fourteen years is long enough, especially with a voting record which earns an ‘F’ from Conservative Review. Arkansans, and America, deserve better,” Werrell said.

Werrell is the founder of Sic Semper Strategies and co-author of the recently released, How to Bag A RINO.