Here’s the Saturday open line. Also:

* HUCKSTER WATCH: The Arkansas Republican State Committee met today. They had a straw poll on presidential race. Results, courtesy of Twitter feed from Mike Wickline of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:


Cruz 72: Huckabee 27: Rubio, Trump 24 each: Carson 6: Christie 4: Kasich 3: Bush 2, Paul and Graham 1 each. A lot of ouches, particularly for the former nominal leader of the Arkansas Republican Party, now a Florida tax fugitive. All told, 137 to 27 vote for anybody but Huck. Alas, we hardly knew ye Huck. Or maybe the problem is that they DO.

Maybe Huck can add a chapter to his next “book” about it, as when he ripped his former congregation at a Baptist church in Texarkana for refusing to continue to pay for his health insurance when he decided to quit their pulpit to run for U.S. Senate. Don’t they understand Huck entitlement?


* BODY PART: A statement from LRPD:

Earlier today a body part, believed to be a leg was found in the river by the Big Dam Bridge. Race, sex and length of time it has been in the river is not yet known. Investigation is continuing.