With a $97 million total budget, the University of Arkansas Athletic Department is a Top 20 team when it comes to paying assistant football coaches.

USA Today is out with a comprehensive ranking of assistant coach pay. Only one Arkansas coach makes the top 25 individually.


But overall, USA Today puts Arkansas football staff pay (not counting head coach Bret Bielema’s roughly $4 million)  at $3.529 million. This ranks the Hogs 18th in the country.

Ahead of the Hogs are LSU at $5.47 million; Auburn at $5.34 million, Alabama at $5.22 million; Georgia at $4.80 million, Texas A&M at $4.41 million, Clemson at $4.32 million;, Florida State at $4.28 million; Michigan at $4.24 million; Ohio State at $4.02 million; South Carolina at $3.99 million; UCLA at $3.96 million; Texas at $3.90 million; Louisville at $3.77 million; Oklahoma at $3.77 million; Oregon at $3.69 million; Missouri at $3.63 million; and Tennessee at $3.54 million.


Arkansas reaches this height without paying a single coach in the top 20. Robb Smith, the defensive coordinator, ranked 25th with $752,000 pay and the potential for a $250,000 bonus. Auburn’s Will Muschamp led the pack at $1.6 million.

PS — The Arkansas State assistants draw $1.18 million.


Which reminds me: Several have asked about UA budget numbers I mentioned in a column last week. They are drawn from the official budget document. You’ll find in its 600 pages a breakdown, for example, on athletic spending (nearly $2 million for sports “nutrition” for example) and a line-by-line listing of the pay of every single employee in every department. Fun for numbers nerds.