The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, a nonprofit lobby organization, has released to the Ethics Commission and others e-mail written by former employees on the organization’s work e-mail who were also helping the election campaign of now-Treasurer Dennis Milligan.

In theory, Cancer Society workers weren’t supposed to be politicking. An ethics complaint has been filed about unreported campaign work by Milligan staffer Jason Brady. He and Grant Wallace, another Milligan staffer, worked for the cancer agency. They and Milligan have disputed or downplayed the allegation of improprieties.


Stu Soffer, a Jefferson County Republican who’s been pressing ethics and other criticism of Milligan, had filed a complaint with the IRS over political activities by employees of the nonprofit. He has dropped the complaint because the organization provided their work e-mails.

In reporting the resolution, John Lyon of the Arkansas News Bureau said the cancer group had turned over 246 e-mails by Brady and Wallace. They’ll go to the Ethics Commission and also to a former treasurer’s office employee, David Singer, who is suing Milligan.


Milligan’s tenure has been marked by employee disputes, an illegal hire, spending on an education program that is not part of the office’s mention and other controversy. He had vowed to clean up the office after Martha Shoffner, convicted of taking bribes for state securities business.