The city of Little Rock issued a release late this afternoon saying it had closed the Alexander Apartments at 6310 Col. Glenn Road for failure to meet fire and safety codes.

The city release:


Because inspections found that a majority of buildings in Alexander Apartments at 6310 Colonel Glenn Road didn’t meet fire and life-safety codes, creating a hazardous environment for those living there, the City of Little Rock has officially notified the owner Monday, Dec. 21, 2015, that the property will be closed effective a week from the notice date.

“Occupants in residential rental units have the right to safe living spaces that meet code requirements,” City Manager Bruce T. Moore said. “If those standards are not met, it is up to the City to step in and take immediate action.”

The Little Rock Fire Department joined code enforcement officers with the Housing and Neighborhood Programs Department to conduct an initial safety inspection of the complex Dec. 16. They found that numerous fire code violations at several of the complex’s 17 buildings had created an extremely hazardous environment for occupants, including exposed wiring; absent and non-working smoke alarms; and mechanical issues.
A subsequent inspection of the complex found the majority of the buildings to be uninhabitable by fire code standards, allowing the Fire Department to move forward with the closure notice.

“The hazards in this apartment complex represent an immediate threat to the occupants. Life safety is of utmost importance, and this facility has not accomplished the most basic safeguards against fire or other hazards,” Little Rock Fire Chief Gregory Summers said. “After our assessment, it became clear that the situation was urgent, prompting us to shut the complex and prevent occupancy until all code requirements are satisfied.”

Current occupants will have a week to vacate. The complex will close and utilities turned off by 5 p.m. Monday, Dec. 28. Housing and Neighborhood Programs staff will be available to assist any current occupants seeking help with relocation. City staff will be on site at 4:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 21, to talk with tenants.

The complex will not re-open until buildings are in compliance with the 2012 version of the Arkansas Building and Fire Codes.