REP. JUSTIN HARRIS: Stories about his rehoming two adopted daughters were by far our most read articles this year. Brian Chilson

What did people read on our website in 2015? Many, many stories about Rep. Justin Harris (R-West Fork) and rehoming. The travails of Josh Duggar. Posts about bigotry, Republicans behaving badly and beloved Arkansas artists dying. Also, a jury awarding $145,000 for the shooting of a coon dog. In order of popularity:

1. “Casting out demons: why Justin Harris got rid of kids he applied pressure to adopt”
2. “A child left unprotected”
3. “Ruth Coker Burks, the cemetery angel”
4. “Satanists petition Arkansas for place at the Capitol”
5. “Tom Cotton to gays: Get perspective. At least they don’t hang you.”
6. “Father and son turned away from “Muslim-free” Hot Springs gun range for being brown”
7. “Monticello preparing for KKK rally”
8. “Magazine obtains police report over Josh Duggar sexual molestation investigation; he admits past ‘mistakes,’ resigns Family Council job”
9. “A killing in Pocahontas”
10. “$380 million tech firm promises not to add jobs in Arkansas because of discriminatory legislation”
11. “Lincoln County jury awards $145,000 in shooting of coon dog”
12. “Foster family disputes key statements from Justin Harris”
13. “Readers Choice 2015”
14. “Months after the rehoming of their adopted daughters was made public, Justin and Marsha Harris have yet to face consequences”
15. “Fox News wrong about release of Duggar police report”
16. “Is Arkansas planning to withdraw from PARCC, the Common Core testing consortium?”
17. “Arkansas River pipeline blowout occurred on Sunday morning, cause still unknown”
18. “Duggars meet their maker”
19. “R.I.P. Darnelle Barnes”
20. “R.I.P. Miller Williams (1930-2015)”
21. “Justin and Marsha Harris: We have ‘suffered a severe injustice’ ”
22. “Twenty problems with 20/20’s coverage of the Justin Harris ‘rehoming’ ”
23. “Beware: Sen. Jason Rapert is armed (if not with good judgment)”
24. “House likes whine with eggs, could mean end of Cali wine in Arkansas”
25. “Arkansas’s overloaded foster care system”