I am hoping that Steve Benen, who created the graph above using figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, won’t mind that I’ve stolen his image from MSNBC, where Benen writes about President Obama’s so-called “jobs-killing agenda.” 

The graph says it all. The private sector has grown steadily under Obama; it did not under Bush.

Benen, himself inspired by Paul Krugman‘s column “Doubling Down on W,” was moved to create the graph because of the bushwa we’ve been hearing from the Goofball Party about tax cuts and job creation. Doesn’t work. Never has. (Read Ernest Dumas on the subject.) What do the rich do with their tax cuts? You read mention of it here earlier, when Benji Hardy posted the New York Times story on the private IRS of the rich. As Benen writes, 


Keep in mind, during the Bush/Cheney era, congressional Republicans – who eagerly approved two massive tax-cut packages – were certain the GOP economic agenda would work wonders. These same Republicans have spent the last seven years insisting that the Obama agenda would push the nation into economic ruin.

Krugman’s piece looks at the effect of the tax cuts that Jeb! and Trump propose. “Off with their heads” is what the French said. What should we be saying?