My blogging has been mostly non-existent since about noon Sunday and here’s an explanation for any who might be curious.

We went to the movie Sunday between noon and 3 p.m. (“Big Short” — highly recommended.) We came home to find we’d been burglarized. Every electronic device we owned — two phones, two iPads, three computers — along with two TVs, a checkbook and my emergency cash stash (three beer mugs full of loose change) were gone. I can live without a phone. But email? Access to blog tools? 


We’d scheduled a short trip to Detroit this week, with pre-purchased tickets, so we went Monday despite not exactly having our hearts in it. It seemed like less of a good idea after a 13-hour snow delay in O’Hare, though we at least finally got out. Hundreds more spent the night on cots in the concourse.

Detroit, by the way, is also recommended and not just for the infamous ruins of a city in decline. Architecture and arts institutions are eye-popping.


Note for the Arkansas Freeway Department: A city that once had 1.5 million people has an interstate running through it that is but six lanes wide in the heart of the city and it flows just fine outside rush hour. Even with its population decline, Detroit remains a good bit bigger than Little Rock. Do WE really need TEN lanes in the heart of downtown? I’ve also been reading David Maraniss’ excellent book on Detroit and how the city that the car built was led to ruin in part by freeway-enabled suburbs. Little Rock city fathers and the state freeway builders seem intent on enhancing the Detroit model. The side effects of ruined neighborhoods are not pretty.

But enough of this. I have to get a police report, open a new bank account, keep covering checks bounced after the account was closed, get some new electronic appliances and try to encourage the police to go after the guy responsible. There are some solid clues for them to follow, if only they will.


So I’ll be away from the office computer for a while. 

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