The State Police said it is reviewing shots fired by law officers in Crossett Thursday morning when a suspect fled. No one was seriously hurt.

The State Police release:


Special Agents of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division are preparing a use of deadly force investigative report for the Ashely County Prosecuting Attorney.

The investigation arises out of a Thursday morning (December 31, 2015) officer involved shooting incident that occurred in the vicinity of 870 West 10th Street in Crossett.

As law enforcement officers approached David Massey, Jr. to serve an arrest warrant, Massey fled in a vehicle across the yard of the 10th Street residence.

The vehicle driven by Massey accelerated toward a local sheriff’s deputy outside the residence. The deputy fired his pistol at the vehicle before being struck by the car. The deputy was treated for minor cuts and abrasions then released from a local hospital.

At least one other law enforcement officer fired at the vehicle which sped away, then struck a parked pick-up truck. Massey traveled a short distance further, then surrendered to police.

Massey was transported to a Little Rock hospital for treatment of a non-life threatening wound. Upon being discharged from the hospital, he will be transported to the Ashley County Jail.