You’ve read by now that North Korea has claimed it’s detonated a hydrogen bomb.

Fallout? Republicans naturally are reflexively howling that it’s President Obama’s fault.


Sen. Tom Cotton, who stays up late to blast Obama on Twitter on whatever ominous develop he spies, was typical in a statement last night:

We must recognize the parallels between North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and Iran’s. The path to what is now the fourth North Korean nuclear test ‎began two decades ago with a weak and unverifiable deal negotiated by a naive U.S. president. We now must take up the hard work of pressuring and deterring a maniacal nuclear-capable regime. We don’t need to add a second regime to that task. But because of Obama’s own foolish deal with Iran, we may have to.

Maybe we should blame Cotton for failing to write a letter to North Korea, as he wrote to Iran. (That episode prompted the Internet tomfoolery shown above.)