More today from Rajan Zed, a Hindu who’s been pushing for Hindu statuary on the state Capitol grounds ever since the Arkansas legislature approved a Christian-related 10 Commandments monument for the grounds.

Secretary of State Mark Martin, who heads the commission that oversees placement of monuments on the grounds, has been dragging his feet on this and other requests — from Satanists and others — for equal space for their points of view.

Zed said in a news release he has now received a letter from Martin spokesman who reportedly said a decision on any called meetings of the ground commission will be made before long.

Responding to Hindu statesman Rajan Zed’s request regarding early Commission meeting to Secretary of State Mark Martin, who is Commission Chairman; Chief Deputy Secretary of State Kelly Boyd wrote: At this time, we are awaiting at least one additional submission. Once we are confident all submissions are in hand, a decision will be made regarding the timing for any future commission meetings.

Boyd, in this letter to Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, also added: Thank you for your continued patience as we work through the various submissions for monuments or memorials to be erected upon the grounds of or within the Arkansas State Capitol.

Rajan Zed has requested early Commission meeting to discuss various submissions received for erecting monuments, including theirs for permission to erect a privately funded statue of Lord Hanuman; and decide the future course of action; so that they and other submitters of requests could start working towards fundraising, designing, construction, etc., of the monuments.

Hindus have sent a formal request to Martin for “permission to erect a privately funded statue of Lord Hanuman in Arkansas State Capitol grounds in Little Rock”, to be constructed, designed and paid for by private funds at no expense to the state. “If permitted, we plan to make it big and weather-proof. Lord Hanuman is greatly revered and worshipped in Hinduism”, Zed added in the request.

Martin also hasn’t been forthcoming on progress for the 10 Commandments memorial.