In today’s hyperpartisan times, it’s of note when a Republican state legislator joins a law firm whose partners include two Democratic legislators.

So, notes Arkansas Business, state Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, a Republican from Little Rock and beyond, has joined the firm of Steel, Wright and Collier, whose partners include former Democratic Rep. Nate Steel (a losing candidate for attorney general in 2014) and current Democratic state Rep. Marshall Wright of Forrest City.

Perhaps they can celebrate some day at the new private club Hutchinson hopes to establish soon in the historic Packet House on Cantrell Road.

This presumably brings to an end Hutchinson occasional legal business association with power broker John Goodson, the Texarkana lawyer, husband of Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson and UA trustee. 


All kidding aside: Arkansas is becoming more and more like Washington. Republicans are expected to oppose the legislative efforts of Democrats, particularly capable Democrats with potential bright futures. The party line tends to be rigid on most issues. Hutchinson has always swung a little bit in the middle as a trial lawyer who’s been an obstacle to the business lobby’s determined effort to eradicate damage lawsuits from the courthouses of Arkansas. This is generally an effort supported by Republicans.

Hutchinson’s association with a private club where drinks will be sold, pool played and cigars smoked also gives you a flavor of a Republican legislator somewhat out of step with the significant hard-core religious wing of the party.