The Press Argus-Courier reports that two Republican candidates for election this year have records of  sex-related offenses.

The newspaper said Franklin Wade Lewis, a candidate for county judge, was convicted in Fort Smith of patronizing a prostitute in 2004 and 2009. Bradley Michael Sanderson, a candidate for sheriff, was convicted of public sexual indecency in May 2001, the newspaper said, citing court records.


The Constitution prohibits candidacies by people who have been convicted of embezzlement of public money, bribery, forgery “or other infamous crime.” 

The newspaper said the State Police is inquiring into the candidates’ political history at the request of the local prosecutor, but no action has been taken to remove them from the ballot as yet. The newspaper reports both men have had other run-ins with the law.


Lewis has an opponent in the Republican primary. Sanderson is unopposed in the Republican primary to face incumbent Democratic Sheriff Ron Brown.