Arron Lewis
, accused of abducting and killing real estate agent Beverly Carter, has decided to take the stand in his own defense as his trial moves to a conclusion, perhaps today.

His criminal record, shifting stories and incriminating state’s evidence will all be fair game.;


His story, in testimony laced with frequent expletives, is that his Carter died while with his wife, Crystal Lowery, though he’s talking about being along for the ride to dispose of the body.

Cross-examination was to begin after a 10:15 a.m. break.


It is not going well for Arron Lewis, in my opinion based on courtroom reporting. A recording of Carter’s telephone call to her husband of a ransom demand was a computer simulation? A juror reportedly was seen shaking his head at that. 

The closing statements were underway by 2 p.m. so the jury should get the case later this afternoon.


UPDATE: The jury has the case as of 3 p.m.