Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson is presumed to have a money edge in her race for Supreme Court chief justice. She’s been working, too, to cultivate Republican associations — of late considered a necessity in races for judicial office in blood-red Arkansas.

In that discussion, add the fund-raising invite shown above for Circuit Judge Dan Kemp, who is challenging Goodson for a Supreme Court seat. He started late and he isn’t married to an extraordinarily wealthy lawyer with ties to other wealthy lawyers who’ve demonstrated an ability to pour money into court races. But he enjoys Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce-related backing and the name Rockefeller still connotes two things in Arkansas — 1) money and 2) Republican.

Speaking of Supreme Court politics: Kemp posted a tribute on Facebook to retired Chief Justice Jim Hannah on news of Hannah’s death. Said Kemp: “He was a good man who earned the respect of all who knew him for his kindness and his sense of fairness. He was a man of integrity and a man who followed the rule of law in all circumstances.”

The comment drew warm replies from two of Hannah’s children. Said Jayme Hannah: “Dad thought a lot of you as well. In one of my last conversations with him he was excited about you running for Chief Justice.”